My 2nd award woooohoo!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yay i got another award this time its a 'Stylish Blogger Award' and i got this from my fellow blogger over at L.F Make-up so thank youuu so much girlie!

The rules of this award are :

State 5 Random facts about yourself and tag 5 bloggers!

Things about me...

1. Im madly in love with craig!!!!

2. I have a nail varnish collection of just over 125 nail varnishes :)

3. Im obsessed with cats and speak to everycat that i see around the village lol ( im like the weired cat lady that people see having full scale convos with cats lol haha ).

4. Im a secret Game geek lol well not anymore as ive just confessed to you all, but i love playing computer games, DS games and Xbox games, Professor layton is awesome along with The Sims 3 world adventures in Paris and Call of duty on xbox with craig and katie hehe.

5. Im also a Glee-eek :) i love glee i think its just so funny and the story lines are so cleaver. I have all 3 cd's in the car to sing along to haha!

The 5 lovely bloggers I have chosen to tag are...

Hope you all enjoy recieving this award! and follow these ladies aswell please!

Sophie-lou x

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  1. well done huni yaaaaaaay 2 whoooop :)

    im a gamer too Lego harry potter is out next friday im so excited for it :) eeps xxx

  2. thanks x lol hehe i think every one is but they dont admit it lol all us makeup girlies are gamers inside lol :)x

  3. congrats on the new award!! *huggles* xXx

  4. Congrats and thank you so much for tagging me! I'll do it today :)


  5. thanks girlies :) thats ok you deserved it :) x
    sophie-lou x

  6. I am following you now. I hope you will come to join my blog soon :).

  7. Thanks for the award hunnie! I shall pop it onto my blog shortly!


  8. thats ok it was well deserved :) x
    sophie-lou x

  9. thank you soo much! thats so sweet of you & you completely deserve this award! xo

    Anna Katrina


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