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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I had this beautiful bracelet as a present for my 18Th birthday off Craig's sister Lisa and i was over the moon as its just so beautiful and my favourite colour. It was also so sentimental on my 18Th to have a gift i could make my own and keep adding to it with new charms to swap and change.
Thomas Sabo is a relatively new jewelry designer and i absolutely love all the pieces in the collection. I have a huge wish list of charms and a necklace with charm carrier which i will have to get over a few birthday's and Christmas's as its quite expensive!

The bracelet i believe was £24.95 which is good as its a beautiful stone bracelet made from reconstructed turquoise in 925 sterling silver.
The Charm top left of the picture was also my birthday present off Lisa and is a Chinese symbol of 'Great blessing' which was £39.95 which is very expensive but due to it being black enameled sterling silver and its heavy like a money coin.

The charm below this one is of the Eiffel tower and was a present off Craig my boyfriend for my 18Th also but we actually purchased this charm from Paris its self whilst on my birthday trip to Paris courtesy of Craig :) love you x x x
This charm is priced at £15.95 in the UK but it was 18euros in Paris.

The charm top right is one of the charms i had off Lisa and is my 'S' initial charm, i believe this charm was £15.95.

The charm below this is also a present off Lisa and is a key charm as it was a present for my 18Th, its white zirconia and Sterling silver and i love it its so pretty and dainty on my wrist.

There's many many many more charms and pendants that i wish to purchase in the future and im sure I'll do a post soon with my wish list of Thomas Sabo jewelry.
Hope you enjoyed my post and visit Thomas Sabo yourself to see the beautiful collection for yourself and then start dropping the hints to your loved ones ;) :) x

x Sophie-lou x

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