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Monday, May 31, 2010

This is my Thomas Sabo wish list that hopefully over the next couple of birthdays and Christmas's i can collect :)
These are all the charms that i would like to have on my Thomas Sabo that i had for my 18Th birthday, which i love. And also what else i would like to own from the Thomas Sabo collection like i would love a silver chain with a charm carrier on it with charms on that as like a big pendant on a long chain as i think this would look so stunning and personal as it would be completely unique to me as there's so many different chains, carriers and charms that it would be my own.

Tooth - charm made from reconstructed turquoise, framed with zirconia, Sterling silver. The tooth stands for fertility, power and vitality.£39.95
Glitter star charm, white channel-set zirconia.£49.95
Converse -charm-£29.95
Cherry -charm.£29.95
Dragonfly -Charm.£29.95
Dice charm-£47.95
Music note -charm.£29.95
Crown & pearl - charm.£39.95
Black Skull-charm.$69.95
Black Cross- charm.£47.95
Strawberry - charm.£47.95
Bird cage - charm. £39.95
Lucky Mushroom -charm.£24.95
Cassette Tape- charm.£24.95
Nail polish -charm.£39.95
Peace symbol -charm.£29.95
Feather -charm.£24.95
Flower -charm,£49.95
Ice cream -charm.£29.95

Chain-53 cm long.£479.00
Carriers- Crown carrier, 3cm, £114.00 ./ Carrier with 3 pendant chains, 4.3cm, £84.95 .
Pendants-Jewel pendant, 3cm, £319 ./Eiffel Tower pendant,4cm , £79.95/Apple pendant, 2.5cm ,£69.95 / Feather pendant, 6.9cm, £124 .
All the pendants are significantly bigger than the bracelet charms so that you can wear 1 pendant in the middle of the carrier and mix and match 2 other smaller charms either side of the pendant as a feature.

Long list i know but i love them all but out of 482 charms i think Ive done quite well in only choosing my top 20. :)
Hope you like x
x Sophie Lou x

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