Summer Manicure!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today i painted my nails for a summer manicure. Its a classic french with silver flicks and lime green rhinestone. I think its really pretty and a little different for what i normally do for my friends, And a nice change to what i normally have on my nails. I mainly have square block colours to keep in with the trends and i file my nails down quite short square so they don't look old fashioned claw like nails, but as they had grown loads in a week since i filed them last i decided to do a french keeping them long for now x

Hope you like!

x Sophie-lou x

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  1. Aww these look lush soph, can't wait for mine to grow so i can have them done like this ") they look beautiful.
    Love you byee <3

  2. thanks k8, yup well as soon as they do i promise ill do them like this and better =] Star treatment for a star friend!
    Love you bye x
    Sophie-lou x


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