My summer clothes wishlist...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here is my summer clothes wishlist. I love fashion and wish i had a money tree so that i could buy everything i see and want :) doesnt everyone ? :P
I made this wishlist on which is an awesome site for new trends and putting outfits, accessories and beauty products together.
Sunglasses- beautiful vintage christian dior white butterfly sunglasses.£195
HandBag- Teal Balenciaga 2010 Spring Summer The City Bag.£85.
Shoes- Les Lolitas Ballerina Ballet Flats. £40.
Sandals- Turquoise Stone Leather Sandals. £65.
Nails- Zoya peach coral polish.£12.00. Skull mint polish.£9.99. Models own polish in shade fuzzy peach.£5.00.
Top- Lipsy Flower Skull Tee. £28.
Jeans- Crafted Boyfriend Vintage Jeans.£35.
Dress- Coast Jennifer Print Maxi Dress, Aqua.£155.
Total spend = £617.99 so its a celebrity price tag indeed :)
Hope You liked this post , thanks for reading!
x Sophie-lou x

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  1. Balenciaga bag for £85? hmm more like £1000+ unfortunately for us! :(

  2. hmmm well ive only quoted how much this bag came up as on polyvore :s i didnt even know what Balenciaga was untill i saw it on polyvore lol so must be wayy out of my league haha x
    sophie-lou x


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