Duvet to Dress in 2days!

Friday, April 30, 2010

After making my balloon dress and handing in all my coursework i was bored on the weekend therefore i went hunting around my house to find materials and found an old duvet cover which had been loaned to me ( don't worry i checked i could cut it up before i did lol ). I decided to make a shirred strapless bodice out of the satin top part of the duvet and the midriff section out of the satin, then to make a gathered skirt out of the patterned part of the duvet cover. i also decided after i had assembled the bodice midriff and skirt that i wanted to add some decoration. i used the patterned part of the cover to make the flowers and the satin to make the leaves. I'm really pleased at the out come as its only my second dress and I've improved so much with my making, without assistance. i was also chuffed with the narrow hem on the bottom of the skirt.
its a little old fashioned i know but at least I'm learning more and more every time i make a new dress.
hope you like x
x Sophie-Lou-J x

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  1. I love it!! Especially the flower decorations :)


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