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Friday, November 27, 2009

I went to Asda a few days ago and to my suprise ASDA George have launched a cosmetic range. I was so excited to see this as they had most general cosmetics for face, eyes, lips and nails, And this is when i became v.happy...they had some lovely colour nail polishes and they were only priced at £1 a polish :O. So me being me had to buy 4 lol. (ive got a little obsession with bying nail polish as you will find out ).
The nail polishes were quite neutral shades as i had baught a few bright shades the week before. The colours were Light Grey,Lilac, Metalic Purple and Smirf Blue( only way to describe it lol)
The actual names of the polishes were (left to right) -37 RainCloud,34 Be Mine, 41 Mysterious and 9 cloudless sky.
I love the colours on my nails but they did tend to chip after about a day of wear but im not sure if thats becasue of the formula or my base/top coat. :s
Give them a try and tell me what you think becasue it might work better with a different base/top coat.

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